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Cemetery Services, providing burial plot maintenance and restoration of headstones at cemeteries in Southland and Otago, New Zealand.

Cemetery Services

Welcome to Cemetery Services, we provide burial plot maintenance and restoration of headstones and tombstones, at cemeteries throughout Southland and Otago, New Zealand.

We help families and friends to honour the memory of their late relatives when they can't. Together, we care.

Our business was founded upon our own personal experience - we have been caring for our loved ones who have passed, maintaining their graves, and in doing so, noticed other cemetery plots in need of care too.

Our professional headstone restoration and plot maintenance services allow other families to have the same personalised care and attention given to their late family members that we provide to our own.

It would be an honour for us to care for your loved ones, when you’re not in a position to do so personally.

Headstone Maintenance

The integrity of the headstone and base is preserved using a biodegradable soap, which we apply with a hand-wash. 


Next, we agitate the moss, lichen and mould with various stainless-steel wire brushes to release the pores.


Using biodegradable chemicals, we treat the moss, lichen and mould, which gradually breaks down after each treatment. We allow 6 treatments.


By the final application, the headstone will be back to its best condition.


Once rejuvenated, a scheduled maintenance care plan is encouraged. Being proactive is more cost-effective than reactive. Before and after photos will be emailed.

Plot Caretaker & Scheduled Care Plans

Once the headstone has been rejuvenated, we maintain the cemetery plot, headstones, statues, plaques, concrete bases on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. This includes:

  • Inspecting the cemetery plot

  • Removal of old flowers, debris, weeds and litter

  • Clean the headstone and base

  • Vases are emptied and cleaned, along with adornments

  • Trimming of bushes or shrubs surrounding the headstone

  • We will inspect and report any repair that is required

  • Progress photos taken and emailed.

Add on extras to your plan

Flower arrangements for special occasions can be arranged, delivered and placed upon request. 


If you have any other specific requests, please  contact us to discuss solutions.

Call or email us for an appraisal today!


Together,  we care

Based in Gore, Southland, NZ

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